Dave.AI in Sales Intelligence

Dave helps sales teams discover a story that sells

  • Dave understands each customers unique journey
  • Dave picks the most likely products/customers that a customer is likely avail
  • Dave finds another customer with the most similar journey and computes advantages
  • Provide real time predictions to Sales teams to find an influencer story that helps make the sale
  • Dave can predict the impact a specific prospect can have on the enterprise
  • Dave uses NLP to simply how sales teams find relevant information about their customers


Integrations (coming soon)

Dave.AI predicts Products and Influencers
Dave CRM integration
Dave.AI uses NLP to help sales teams ask Relevant Questions
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Dave.AI in E-commerce

Dave helps build long term relationships with your customers

  • Dave builds Customer-to-Product (C2P) and Customer-to-Customer (C2C) affinity using proprietary technology.
  • Dave can Make qualified product recommendations, by leverage your in-brand Socio-Graph.
  • Dave can make recommendations on your web-site or through an conversational agent or via e-mail/sms and notifications
  • Dave can help you Run personalized and effective promotional campaigns by utilizing C2C and C2P affinity.



Dave.AI website recommendations

Dave.AI in E-Commerce

Dave.AI in Conversation

Dave.AI recommendation in conversation

Dave.AI in Marketing Intelligence

Dave helps marketeers delivere a personalized message

  • Dave helps create a relevant message to their customers based on their interaction history
  • Dave can pick the most relevant products, along with relevant influencers
  • Dave can deliver the message to the most effective channel (mail, sms, push-notification)
  • Dave can deliver the message at the perfect time, resulting in improved engagement
  • Dave creates smart actionables

Integrations (coming soon)

Dave.AI intelligent content

Dave.AI marketing content

Dave.AI smart actionables

Dave.AI intelligence actionables
Dave.AI pricing